Data is key if you want to increase sales and the value of your communication. All around us there are thousands of sources and signals (weather, products, geo, traffic, CRM data, behavior etc.) that can be used to make the contents of a banner more interesting and more alive.


ICM loves technology, but customer value even more, why our focus is very solution driven. One of the reasons to why ICM developed its own platform (that is integrated with all leading adserving systems) was to remove the hurdles for mass production and relevant communication preserving your data.


For you to be relevant in your communication, you need to know something about the recipient. You also need the tools and systems to execute and an independent partner working with the right incentives.
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Data and communication

Because we synchronize your CRM data and advertisement data with other external triggers (eg, weather, geography, etc.), we get your activities to interact with your target audiences with a more personal and relevant message, at any given time and communication.

Whether the goal is to find new customers or increase revenue from existing customers, we have the methodology and the platform, that will enable you to connect the creative with the audience and serve it in your existing adserving account.
As AD Layers API is connected to your adservers account you can easily connect the creatives to existing audiences, optimization methods, behaviors, profiles, purchase history, interests etc.
You are in charge of the data and we will make sure your ad uses the data and follow your communication goal

Read more about how we helped various companies to reach out to their customers!


Our mission is to use technology to create value for our customers. Either by
supporting a process and / or address a specific business need.
In order to do this we developed our own platform
which is integrated with all leading adserving systems,
DoubleClick, Sizmek and Adform etc.

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Video is a powerful way to communicate a feeling around your brand. But it is expensive and takes time when your go to market strategy involves multiple products, different audiences and you want to be relevant.
Yes, there is VPAID, but where is the inventory?

Therefore, we have developed a solution, that is built on VAST to enable inventory offering the same abilities as in VPAID, by using dynamic layers on top of the video. We call this Auto-video as our clients use it for automatic updates from a feed or/and to mass produce pre-rolls for different products and audiences.

Contact us to find out more about our recent case studies and to understand how easy it is for you to create 10,000 pre-rolls in no time.

ad layer

Ad Layer helps you to create and publish huge amounts of ads in real time, with very little effort. Ad Layer will simplify your production process where our features for instant preview, approval and our production workflow removes the gap between creative and adserving.
Good to know is that we serve all ads in your existing adserving platform, because we understand the value of having all your data in one system.

Ad Layer is a platform for those who want to use data sources (CRM, profiles, feeds, events and triggers etc) to create relevance in your ads.
Data-driven and relevant communication, fully automated in Ad Layer.

If you are already working with Ad Layer and dynamic ads and want to take the next step we are happy to show you our engine for marketing automation.

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